The Equal Citizens Project is a new non-partisan, non-profit organization that is in the process of being established. It will be dedicated to the singular task of crowdsourcing three bills designed to restore our equality as citizens in a democratic republic.

This effort was first inspired by the vision laid out in the presidential run made by Lawrence Lessig, which focused on only the most essential reforms necessary for fixing the way our political system operates. This project seeks to produce the actual legislation required to make Lessig's vision a reality.

While fixing Congress may not seem like the biggest problem before us, Lessig has made it clear that it is still the first problem that must be solved. His leadership on this issue has inspired a band of rebels, an army of patriots, and now a legislative movement for restoring representative democracy.

Leading this effort is a reformer, scientist, and political independent who has fought hard to help restore representation in Congress. Bruce Skarin brings a fresh perspective to the movement through his use of mathematics to help understand how our political system is broken, and how best to fix it. Bruce is now committed to applying his experience to complete this historic project.

If you are able to offer major support during our startup phase, please contact Bruce Skarin directly.