The Equal Citizens project is still very much a work in progress. We are working hard to finalize as many details as possible. Here are some answers to questions we have received so far. Have a new question? Send us an email (info@) or submit it using this online form.

Why am I asked to contribute to become an official cosponsor?


Even though no contribution is required, we ask that you pledge at least two cents (0.02) in the form for several reasons.

The first is simply a matter of verification. Only real, eligible voters ought to take part in the crowdsourcing of U.S. legislation. While we do plan on having a variety of fully public options for participation, official cosponsors will be voting to approve or disapprove part or all of each reform bill.

Please note that all personal information provided will be kept strictly confidential and never shared without explicit permission by you.

The second reason is also why we ask that everyone contribute even a small amount in a single or monthly donation. Behavioral and brain sciences have taught us that when money is part of the interaction, people end up more engaged with the service. For example, most people do not sign up for a pay service like Netflix and never use it.

Do I have to contribute monthly?


No, during the kickstarter there will be an option to select a one time contribution which will then be automatically divided over the six month span of this project.

How long am I being asked to contribute?


The project will run for six months, from the beginning of March through the end of August. At the end of the project we will send you a total summary to confirm the termination of payments.

How much time will I be asked to spend during the crowdsourcing stage?


You can participate as much or as little as you like. Each week there will be new opportunities to provide feedback on the bill currently under review. This will include structured polls, open feedback, live discussions, and phone conferences with your delegate.

Do I have to approve all three reforms?


No, if there is any reform or even part of a reform that you disagree with you can vote your disapproval. You can also spend more or less time participating in each reform, though we do strongly encourage you to engage with all three reforms.

If I want to be delegate, do I have to represent all three reforms?


No, if you can only be a delegate for one or two reforms, we will match your delegates with an alternate delegate.